She Arrives @ Katzpace Theatre!

‘She Arrives’ is a cut-throat play that punches society’s sicknesses in the jaw, then stands and watches the blood pour onto the stage.

‘She Arrives’ does not fuck about.

The one-hour, one-woman play will be on at Camden Fringe this summer. Hen and Chickens Theatre, Highbury & Islington, 25-26 August. 6pm.

She Arrives (Katzpace).003

But we can’t wait until August!!!!

And if you can’t either, then the play will be on FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY at Katzpace Theatre, on Southward Street (in Borough Market). 7.30pm. Wednesday 30th May 2018!

Come and join us!

The one-woman play is performed by Sadia Gordon.

Sadia is one of the creators of the feminist hit ‘Flaps’ in New Zealand. Among other roles, she has performed in a New Zealand version of ‘The Vagina Monologues’. She is now based in London and about to blast a hole in the middle of a stage when she performs ‘She Arrives’.