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Reviews of ‘She Arrives’, the one-woman comedy by Penny Drops Collective


Lizzie Merrill, founder of You’re Hysterical, poetry at the Candid Arts Trust

We are confronted with Sadia Gordon, brazen and only feet-away from the audience, everything seems very intense and dramatic.

She effortlessly befriends us, despite often acting like that ‘crazy mate’ you have to explain before introducing. We are witness to frustration and vulnerability, all coated with heavy satire.

There’s something about the childish behaviour of this main character which resonates with a millennial generation; it reminisces of instances you’ve been asked to behave like an adult, while being treated (and paid) like a child with pocket money.

Naturally funny, Sadia remains powerful and hilarious, even when talking profoundly about the state of ‘our future’. The writing is witty and captures a childish intolerance that takes over in times of rebellion, such as this!



Lucy Tertia George, novelist/poet/musician

She is extraordinary. Really well written.


4* from Joanna Price at Essential Surrey:

“Captivating” is Joanna Price’s verdict on this one-woman political comedy



Reviews of Elliot C. Mason and his solo performances:


Soho Poetry Collective say

“Elliot C. Mason is a literary polymath who writes novels, poems and plays. His playful vibe often involves audience participation and the crowd often roar for more! [His] political passions so often infuse his work with a warm humanity of spirit!”

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