Books –

The Instagram Archipelago: Race, Gender, and the Lives of Dead Fish, Zer0 Books (UK), September 2022

Building Black: Towards Antiracist Architecture, Punctum Books (Santa Barbara, CA), early 2022

City Embers, Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers (Glasgow), April 2021 (Poetry/essay collection)

Materials for Building a City, Marble Poetry (Cardiff), March 2021 (Poetry pamphlet)

Essays –

“Review of Lola Olufemi”, SPAM, December 2022

“Phillis Wheatley Peters’ Fugitive Poetics of Freedom”, Textual Practice, November 2022

“Laying Out a Space: Review of Lola Olufemi’s Experiments In Imagining Otherwise“, Review 31, October 2022

“The Anti-Assimilationist Manifesto, by General Waste”, Dissident Voice, September 2022

“Review of Eleanor Perry, Radical Elegies: White Violence, Patriarchy, and Necropolitics“, Women’s Studies journal, August 2022

“Building Black Against Architecture: Race, Dance, and the Urban Archipelago”, Interfere journal, Vol. 2, November 2021, pp. 95-109

“Is There a (Black) Literature?”, Academia Letters, November 2021

“Black Home: Towards an Ethics of Blackitecture”, Academia Letters, April 2021

“Pale Future Ruins”, Crumble Magazine, February 2021

“Thing: A Fugitive In( )Operation”, pp. 163-189, Journal of Italian Philosophy, Vol. 3, December 2020

“Speaking Out”, review of Pluto’s Outspoken series, Tribune, May 2020

“Sounding Out the House: Thinking Sound and Sight in Poetry”, Review31, March 2020

“Mayo-Optimism: Thinking Blackness and the Philosophy of Food”, 3:AM magazine, February 2020

“Sky Market: the Ideal Neoliberal Non-Nation”, 3:AM magazine, December 2019

“BodiesTM: Poetry. City. Whiteness”, SPAM magazine, November 2019

“We Are House of Fraser: the Creation of the Body by the Shopping Centre and Porn”, SPAM magazine, October 2019

“(The Refusal) To Work Forever”, Review 31, October 2019

“Is Pride Enough?”, Undercurrent Philosophy, November 2017

“Atomise the Atom”, Undercurrent Philosophy, November 2016

Poetry –

‘In Anticipation of Coming Rain’, Magma 76, April 2020

‘History Museum’, (p. 108) Aurora Volume 1, poetry anthology, Allegory Ridge press, January 2020

Three poems by E. C. Mason, Cathexis North West Press, January 2020

‘Prayer for White Parents’, High Shelf magazine, November 2019

Five poems by Elliot C. Mason, BREAK, UCL Writers’ Society / KCL Literary Society, October 2019

“Reporting a Stain”, Exclamat!on journal, Vol. 3, Exeter University, June 2019

“Fathers”, Smiths magazine, Goldsmiths College, 2016

“Councilled: Memory in Green”, We Will Be Free anthology, 2018

Translations –

Four poems by Sara Torres, translated into English by Elliot C. Mason, February 2020, Pamenar Press magazine

“Landscape for a Dead Woman / Paisaje para una Mujer Muerta, by Rachael Allen, translated into Spanish by Elliot C. Mason”, De Sur a Sur magazine, Year 3, Number 9, October 2019 (pages 59-66)

“Three poems, by A. K. Blakemore, translated into Spanish by Elliot C. Mason”, De Sur a Sur magazine, Year 3, Number 8, June 2019 (pages 32-37)

Exhibitions –

Curator and writer. “Island Biography”, Migration Museum, London, May 2018.

Copywriter and workshop facilitator. “Is Your Life Real?”, Freud Museum, London, March 2018.

Plays and performances –

“Everything Today is the Same”, Chapel Playhouse, King’s Cross, August 2019.

“Everything Today is the Same”, The Drayton Arms, Kensington, June 2019.

“Everything Today is the Same”, political comedy, written by Elliot C. Mason, Katzpace Theatre, London Bridge, May 2019.

“The Charitable Ministry of the Second Look”, short comedy, written and directed by Elliot C. Mason, You’re Hysterical performance event, November 2018.

“She Arrives”, Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham, September 2018.

“She Arrives”, The Hen & Chickens Theatre, Highbury & Islington, August 2018.

“She Arrives”, one-woman play, written and directed by Elliot C. Mason, Katzpace Theatre, London Bridge, May 2018.

“For All That Matters”, short play, written and directed by Elliot C. Mason, The Vintage Emporium, Shoreditch, November 2013.

“Fame Fatale”, short play written by Elliot C. Mason, Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel, October 2013.

Videos/Recordings –

Four poem recordings from City Embers (2021) – produced by Bruno Vilhar; read by Elliot C. Mason, Klara Kaliger, Bruno Vilhar and Jura McKay: